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Newton's Cradle has been a growing concept since 2015, brought to fruition in 2018 by two individuals who share the same passion surrounding values and work ethics. Having worked on many successful joint projects, combining website design, search engine optimisation and online presence management, bringing this collaboration together was the natural result.

The core team is made up of Chris and Ray, both bringing expertise in their own specialist areas of web design and SEO respectively.  Supported by a select group of associates, Newton's Cradle can take on client projects of varying sizes and requirements.

Chris Wilcox, Director at Newton's Cradle Holistic Digital Marketing Agency in Carlisle, Cumbris

Chris Wilcox


Chris has worked since the age of 13, delivering local papers, milk and then in retail during his university years, taking a few years out and working in a Carlisle Pub Restaurant for two years as a trainee chef. Working in IT Support, Network Management and School Business Management, his own company Light Bulb Web Design launched in 2014, going full time in 2016 and entering the world of self-employment.

Chris has a strong belief that whenever you do something, it should be done right. Applied to the field of website design, this covers every aspect from things like naming images well for SEO, to an eye for detail with passion for perfect layout, aesthetics and usability. Keeping up with changes to best practice, design trends and importantly, research and application of what works for visitors, makes sure that the results he creates provide the desired outcome for clients.

Chris is as at home on the dojo mats as he is in front of a computer, teaching the Koryu JuJutsu style of Motoha Yoshin Ryu, one of only two clubs in the UK but one of many throughout the world. Regularly found in the gym, the work life balance available when running his own businesses allows him to focus effectively on both clients and family.

Ray Cassidy, Director at Newton's Cradle Holistic Digital Marketing Agency in Carlisle, Cumbris

Ray Cassidy


Ray brings a background forged from education, local government and a passion for the outdoors, applying his strong belief in fairness and honesty to his approach to the world of search engine optimisation and digital marketing.

Since leaving the teaching profession a number of years ago, Ray has immersed himself in all-things-SEO, keeping on top of emerging trends and approaches to best practice. When other companies are still doing things that worked once upon a time, looking forward and being ready for what's coming next is a critical part of the constant self-learning and education that Ray seeks out.

Ray's love of the outdoors sees him visiting many places across the UK and abroad to seek out the best views, company and adventure. His own company is named after this passion, whilst also putting across the outcome of his work for clients - Climb High SEO.


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