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Creating momentum in business with Newton's Cradle, Carlisle, Cumbria

Businesses in Cumbria and the North West need to maintain and increase their "momentum" and energy, especially when trying to survive in unusual circumstances such as the current (2020) pandemic. That applies equally whether it's ourselves at Newton's Cradle, working as an agency, or a consulting business. It's the case for cleaners, online welding equipment sales, agricultural manufacturers and engineers or any other business you care to conjure up.

Most business owners and AIs (Google included) see the idea of Newton's Cradle as that desktop executive toy. A simple ball clicker with every swing of its balls. Otherwise it's a schoolroom demo of conservation of momentum!

So how does Newton's Cradle energy transfer translate as a digital marketing brand? How does it relate to business goals in the real world beyond the boss' desk or the physics classroom? Is it just a fanciful brand name with no real business depth?

It's simple really. Our brand name refers to our ability to bring renewed momentum to your digital marketing, boosting your business revenue via your online presence.

How Does A Newton's Cradle Work Anyhow? 

The physical Newton's Cradle is a device that attempts to demonstrate the Physics principle of Conservation of Momentum. It was only invented fairly recently, by actor Simon Prebble as a whimsical demonstration of Sir Isaac Newton's work on energy, momentum and elastic and inelastic collisions. It does this quite well for a few cycles of collisions and rebounds. However, like most of our businesses it is an imperfect demonstration of an idealised process.

Newton's Cradle Explained... 

Momentum is a property of physical objects in motion. It's the mathematical product of the object's velocity and its mass. So, in "Coarse Art of Physics" terms it's a measure of how hard it is to stop something moving. The heavier it is and faster it's travelling, the more it's going to keep trying to barrel on through any obstacle.

In Physics, the principle of Conservation of Momentum states that in a "closed system" the total momentum before an event (usually a collision or explosion in the text books!) and the total momentum after an event are equal. A Newton's Cradle gadget demonstrates this principle very simply.

Typically, there are 5 equally heavy, hard metal balls. You raise one of the end ones a short distance, to put some potential energy into the system. Then you just let it go.

The ball swings down and round on its suspension wires. As gravity pulls the ball downwards, it accelerates until, at the bottom of its trajectory, the moving ball collides into the row of 4 stationary balls.

Almost instantaneously, the ball at the opposite end of the line shoots outwards and upwards. To all intents and purposes, it seems to travel at the same speed, as the first ball that smacked into the line of stationary balls. In layman's terms momentum appears to have been conserved.

But like a business… Newtons Cradles don't operate in that abstract perfection of the closed system. The Laws of Physics

The "clack, clack, clack!" of the executive toy fading away over a minute or so gives the clue. Air! What we breath to keep us alive slows the balls down imperceptibly through air resistance. It carries energy away from the system as sound waves.

What Drains Business Momentum?

Business Processes:

In business, an inefficient sales system, or an imperfect checkout experience introduces resistance to an easy purchase experience and leads to reduced sales.

Every clack that you hear is energy being lost to the atmosphere as sound energy. Every loss of energy, causes a loss in velocity and that bleeds momentum from the system. Conservation of energy is almost impossible and with reduced energy, momentum drains away.

Not Addressing Searcher Intent:

It's the same when your online content doesn't satisfy the searcher. Every bounce back to Google is another noisy clack bleeding energy and authority from your system. Your digital content needs to stay focused on what visitors want!

The line of balls doesn't stay perfectly in place, because no Newton's Cradle is constructed perfectly and the balls themselves are not "perfectly elastic". Every collision causes disturbance to the internal structure of the steel balls as the shockwave of the collision is transmitted along the line... leading to tiny amounts of heat generation that is stolen from the kinetic energy of the system. Again, the velocity degrades and more momentum is lost at each collision.

Poor Business Structures: 

Our businesses are rarely perfectly constructed either. Poor processes, the wrong personnel, badly directed networking or poorly targeted advertising creates a lot of hot air and energy expenditure but no improvement in your momentum.

Every "event" or collision of the steel spheres creates other unwanted side effects. Watch the suspension wires vibrate; if you get near a large cradle, rest your finger on the framework and what do you feel? Vibration, more energy being taken out of the system: in a way that's not helping to maintain momentum. Does that make Newton's Cradle a dud? Not at all.

External Effects Beyond Your Control: 

Shocks like the economic crash of 2007-8; courtesy of some of our banking friends not taking notice of the fact they weren't in a closed system, without external consequences, pulled many businesses over the edge. Many businesses found their momentum completely drained when they ran into the immovable object of zero liquidity and the utterly inelastic (in some cases malevolent) practises of some of the banks.

The current shock of COVID 19 is putting enormous drags on the momentum and kinetic energy of vast swathes of the business community across the globe.

The List Goes On:

With non-essential workers laid off, furloughed or suddenly having to devise unfamiliar ways to work from home...


Revenue streams have vanished overnight for others...


Businesses that previously relied on visitor's ability to travel have found themselves with no bookings...


Face to face trainers can't do face to face in a room that should hold 20 or 30 clients...


Food retailers whose business has boomed because so much more eating and cooking is being done at home are struggling to cope with increased demand while having to limit numbers in a store...


Pubs and hospitality simply can't operate...


Building Momentum in Business Across the North West 

As The examples of momentum in business being drained demonstrate businesses, that fail to feed their sales funnels through a lack of good marketing run out of momentum all the time. Now; it's a real danger for the majority of businesses. One of the critically important ways to pivot your business and still maintain some revenue is to make more use of your website and online presence.

Gaining momentum in business is a challenge for thousands of businesses need to keep their momentum going, boost it or even take their momentum off in a completely different direction! That's where this Newton's Cradle team can help you.

Understand How to Create Massive Momentum in Your Business

You don't need to emulate these jugglers...It's about getting the right input into the business at the right time to energise your processes and keep adding momentum to your business before it slows down or falters.

The proof is in the pudding...
Is your website High or Super-High?


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Tuesday, 07 December 2021

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