​When you look at a website, it's easy to miss or not even be aware of how it has been built.

It's also easy to miss whether the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been done with real data from search engines or just added with a best guess approach.

So what is High and Super-High and how can you tell the difference?

High is certainly an good place to be, but Super-High is where you want to be and need to be, in order to maximise the benefits from your website and digital footprint.

High might be using a great image, Super-High is naming the image correctly for SEO, sizing it so it fits perfectly into the website page and has the best quality vs page load time settings.

High might be using text/copy from a competitors website and tweaking it a tiny bit to use on your own.  Super-High is creating 100% unique content based on your own brand style and using fully researched keyword data to make sure it targets the people it needs to.

Super-High is using a content management system instead of static HTML to ensure that your website can grow and develop in whatever direction you need instead of needing a full re-build.

High may be using a logo from a stock image bank - Super-High is creating a bespoke logo and branding scheme to make sure your business presents itself consistently across its online presence and stands out above the competitors.

Super-High is taking a mobile-first design approach, being able to control layout and content across both desktop and mobile displays to ensure that the mobile view looks at least as good as the desktop one.

Newton's Cradle take the Super-High approach - we could save ourselves some time, cut corners and give you a great result, but that's not what we're about.

With the need for many businesses to have a digital footprint that helps them grow and develop, second best simply isn't good enough.  We even document our process to make sure that what we do is clear and transparent with nothing left to guesswork or chance - https://www.newtonscradle.uk/process

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