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Search Engine Optimisation in Cumbria

Search engine optimisation is a very frequently used term, and one which almost every website designer or agency likes to mention in their marketing and service information.

There are many levels to what this really means, and some companies go further than others in what they deliver (whilst unfortunately, some companies also don't go as far as they could).

For Newton's Cradle, we believe that the only way to optimise your website to improve search results is to fully understand the real-life data and know exactly what your potential customers are searching for.  Crucially, we also want to know the volume of the searches which are actually happening.  From there, we can identify the improvement potential for your website and what is needed for you to get there.

The best investment

There is no point trying to rank your business on search engines for terms which are so rarely used, they will generate you no additional business and you will have wasted your money on the SEO involved to achieve this.

Once we have our initial research finished, and have worked with you to really dig deep into making sure we have got a true overview of what you need your website to achieve, we can work on creating a website with pages and content designed and written to attract visitors and improve the chances of them getting in touch or buying your products.  This is what will prove to be the best investment, bringing real value for money and not just a shot in the dark.

How do we know our process works?

Quite simply, we can prove it.  We regularly monitor the traffic to our client's websites, keeping an eye on what is working and what needs further improvement.  For e-commerce, we are watching sales and making often small changes to any paid ads in order to maximise the cost per click values.  The image below shows two graphs - one is the main competitor of our client (top).  The second graph is our client.  The second graph shows a constant growth curve, with visitors from organic (non-paid) search increasing over time.  Their competitor has been online for a number of years, however beyond a strange spike last year, are getting a much lower level of visitors and are not seeing any improvements to their figures:

SEO is not a one-off process

In order to keep your business growth moving, it needs ongoing work to ensure growth continues and that your website is updated to reflect changing search habits and behaviour, as well as addressing any changes to your business and services/products.

The graph below shows another of our other clients - within a year, we have achieved a 600% increase in organic traffic to their e-commerce websites, which has yielded a 30% increase in annual revenue.  Ongoing work on their Google Ads campaign has seen improvements in this area too, all helping make sure the business is getting great value from our services:

Our final image shows a chart for one of our sister-company's clients, with a website that was again designed from the ground up to focus on some high-volume keywords and search terms. As a national offering, the large number of regular visitors has made sure their business is full with client bookings every single year.  The figures shown are per month, with the average monthly visitor count nearing 800:

The bottom line...

If your business has genuine desire for growth, whether by increasing e-commerce sales or making sure your services are being found by the right people, Newton's Cradle has a tried and tested process that is designed to work for any business type.

Our prices genuinely reflect not only the work required to achieve your website goals, but also the benefit we bring to your business.

At all times, we are transparent with our costs, but more importantly, exactly what we are doing for your investment.

If you want to know what we can do for your business, we'd love to hear from you - our initial assessment comes with no obligation, and will let you know the potential your website has if we bring the momentum to your digital marketing that will be needed to kick your business into life online.

Call Chris or Ray today on 01228 907097 - we'll be happy to explain our process in as much detail as you want.

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