The story of Newton's Cradle...


​Newton's Cradle has been a building idea for over 3 years.  The company founders and directors, Ray Cassidy and Chris Wilcox, began working collaboratively on a range of joint website and SEO/Marketing projects for clients, and came to realise that working together brought better results than working alone.

This joint working approach expanded to include social media specialists, graphic designers and forged links with a range of other associated online service professionals in the Carlisle and Cumbria area.

Whilst there are certainly many companies offering SEO, many more offering website design, and many offering 'Google Optimised' websites, our joint working group kept hearing about and seeing the results that some of these companies were providing to their own clients.  With much research and discussion, all felt there was need to bring a new and honest approach to the market, offering a holistic process to website design and digital marketing.

Coining the phrase of online presence specialists, the brand concept for Newton's Cradle kicked into action in mid-2018, working to ensure the company was in the best position to launch in the last quarter of the year.

As well as the required paperwork and company set up, the brand ethos and values were nailed down, and the process of SEO driven website design and digital marketing was refined and fully documented, to ensure we could present our core service offer clearly to clients.

The Newton's Cradle logo has our name inside the first ball with the sweeping lines representing the energy we bring to your business, which is in itself reflected by the hint of the second sphere, then our strapline clearly identifies the purpose of our services.  Different layouts are available to cater for website, social media and print requirements.

Throughout our website, we have included subtle visual hints relating to movement and momentum, aiming to further support what we can do for you, your business and its customers.  A core base of associates allows us to support the full range of business digital and marketing requirements, working under a single brand to keep communication and process clear and open at all times.

Our current portfolio contains a selection of the projects where our process has been implemented, and where our continuing input and support relating to online presence, SEO and marketing shows clear results.

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Monday, 20 September 2021

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