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Engaging, informative and compelling content is what makes a website successful and lifts your brand. If you are lucky, you’ve got about 3 seconds to hook the website visitor in. Then you have to keep them engaged with what you’re offering particularly if they arrive from social media.

Let Newton’s Cradle guide you to creating the impactful, relevant copy that’s key to keeping your visitors thinking of you. From regular blog posts to brand new webpages, we can support you. A judicious mixture of text, image, graphic and video is the formula for positioning your brand, as the leading answer to your potential customers’ problems, wants and needs.

You can find the Content Marketing Institute’s definition of “content marketing” here. It’s important to understand what it tells us as business owners and marketing professionals.

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A business that wants to be successful, attracting new leads and sales from digital media, needs a consistent content strategy. That strategy has to be tuned in to what your ideal customer is looking for.

How effective is the content your competitors have on their websites? Have they structured it and made it outstanding enough to attract backlinks? These are factors that are crucial to your strategy and will guide the investment you need to commit.

The strategy will give you a plan for content creation. That plan is designed to out inform your prospects and attract them to you.

Your content then needs to be distributed and promoted, using the social, media and news channels where your people are to be found. Working with Newtons Cradle will enable you to see where to place your content and which channels to use for promoting it.

It’s no good just churning out content on the simplistic mantra of “Content is King!”. Simply put; unless it is seen and engages the right people; it’s a massive waste of resources. Effective content marketing plans need to be strategic.


The Ingredients of our Content Marketing Strategies...

Breathtaking Copywriting

The service of the “pen” is mightier than the service of the sword.

Well written copy is the lifeblood of any brand’s online content strategy. It captures attention with a relevant punchy headline, it informs… it can excite and it can lead your prospect to trust you. Your perfectly crafted Call To Action will trigger the visitor to click, call or make the journey to you.

Video Marketing

Video captures attention even more effectively than any other medium! The 2020 Wyzowl Video marketing study revealed that: 66% of people said they’d prefer to watch a short video. only 18% prefer to read an article or post, 4% prefer an infographic… and there’s more juicy detail to be discovered.

Professionally produced video content is becoming ever more important for websites and digital marketing campaigns. Our associates can produce bite-sized video snippets that excite.


A picture paints a thousand words they say. High quality photography is a massive asset to building a recognisable brand.

Yes there’s some incredibly good stock photography out there. But it’s nothing compared to the real deal. Images of YOUR business, your people and your premises are what people want to see. Our pro photographers will use their visual creative skills to tease, create intrigue or make crystal clear what you can offer a client’s business.

Digital Communications that Kick Your Content Into Motion...

Social Media

Opening up and nurturing the communicating channels to your target audiences needs investment in the right platforms. It means developing the right tone and delivering content that resonates with the emotional state of the people you want to attract. It has to drive results to support the bottom line too.

Our social media experts will work with you to create an engaging social presence. Content that piques interest regularly can over time create a small tribe of loyal brand evangelists. The importance of using paid social campaigns that open the door to greater visibility shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s no longer really a free lunch.

Email Marketing

Emails still get opened, yes, you have to have good data security and consent policies in place. For B2B communications where legitimate interest exists, then you are not restricted in the same way B2C businesses are.

It’s still one of the most successful ways of promoting products and services. Maintaining relationships with existing clients is also much easier if you have a robust email marketing strategy.

Newton’s Cradle: The Digital Marketing Agency with the content strategy you need

Newton's Cradle will put the momentum back into your system. Great content is the backbone of our digital marketing services. Inbound marketing, the art of attracting people to your brand, is crucial for lead generation. Your online presence needs to be more than just a brochure and should include the full range of hooks that modern website development enables you to include. That includes the content you need to benefit from marketing automation.