PPC Marketing Services For Cumbria Businesses:
Get Traffic & Revenue Fast...

If businesses in Cumbria want results fast, then paid advertising on Google, Bing or social media is an effective method of digital marketing. It is able to bring sales or well qualified prospects to your business. Though you don’t need to spend a fortune to get started, it is vital to ensure that you spend wisely.

Our highly experienced PPC associates have long experience of launching, managing, testing and improving paid ad campaigns. They have a record of intervening in failing search campaigns and turning them round to generate sales. The improvement in a business’ return on their investment can come remarkably quickly.

We can review existing advertising accounts and make experience and data-based recommendations to maximise your return on ad spend.

A Bespoke PPC Marketing Plan...

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising, is not as simple as the providers would have you believe. An effective PPC marketing plan requires several research and planning steps: even before copy for the first ad set is written.

Keyword research, competitive analysis and understanding the necessary budget is crucial to getting a successful campaign off the ground. Let us take on the hard work of setting up, writing the ads and implementing an effective testing, reviewing and improvement routine.

What we need from you...

We strive to understand who your ideal customers are. We will discuss and question you about your products, services and goals for the campaign in depth. Your website and your competitors’ websites will be studied in detail. Where possible, intelligence on competitors’ advertising strategies will be gleaned so that you are better informed than them wherever possible. This helps us to build the most appropriate customer journeys for your visitors.

This in-depth research ensures that we get the right ads in front of the right customers at the right time.

We will continually optimise your campaigns and help you achieve the highest ROI possible.

PPC Account Audits

Have you set up your Adwords account to succeed? Do you make campaign adjustments in the light of conversion and impression data?

It’s rare to come across a perfectly setup campaign. PPC audits almost always reveals areas for improvement. Our associates ensure that PPC campaigns are set up to bring sales conversions on all the current platforms.

PPC Campaign Overview...

Keyword Research

We can identify how consumers or potential clients express their intent by the search queries they use. Our toolsets allow us to discover the specific keywords which will generate the best conversions. That data allows us to identify, analyse and group keywords into topical sets and match them with appropriate landing pages on your website.

Campaign Setup & Targeting

Campaign set up is crucial. We use the data to structure the campaigns correctly. This takes advantage of your clientele’s preferences for device, time and position in the sales funnel. Guesswork isn’t a strategy.

Creating Ad Copy

Your ads need to be aware of searchers’ varied intents. Your calls to action have to appeal to their intent and encourage clickthrough to your landing pages. We split test ad copy regularly to discover which combination of headline, CTA and landing page brings in the highest conversions.

Conversion Tracking

The tracking and measuring of sales conversions to identify which devices and campaigns are most effective is critical. This helps us to create better, result driven, customer journeys. We do this through Google Ads, Shopping Ads, Google’s display network or your chosen alternative PPC channel.

PPC Service Carlisle

We are a Carlisle Based digital marketing agency. It is relatively simple to work with you in close collaboration on your ppc advertising campaigns. Alongside our web design and search engine optimisation services, we can craft an online marketing strategy for a long term relationship. Call us on 01228 907097 to find out if our managed services are a good fit for your business goals.