Weldtech UK


Client: Weldtech UK

Work: SEO, Website Improvements, Digital Marketing, Google Ads

Website: www.weldtech.co.uk

Weldtech approached us to find out more about the services we could offer, and the pricing involved, to support and improve their existing website.

After an initial meeting, we performed an in-depth review of the website and their online digital footprint and then put forward a discussion document which covered their current search positioning, potential improvements to search results, and also highlighted a range of technical issues with the way the current website was setup and configured.

Within the document, we put forward two options to bring a more transparent approach to how we could improve both the technical aspects of the website and their digital marketing, which included a relatively large monthly spend on Google Ads.

The first option was chosen, and the initial 4-week takeover phase involved work on the following areas:

  • A full SEO audit, to establish benchmarks both locally and nationally
  • Competitor research to quantify what level of organic search authority could be achieved
  • Keyword mapping and prioritisation, to define the business priorities which dictated how we then approached organic SEO improvements within the website content
  • Review and corrections to off-site citations and directory listings (also part of ongoing work)
  • Website hosting migration with improvements to address:
  • SSL application to ensure the whole website was fully SSL enabled
  • Domain name redirects to remove duplicate URL access
  • Page load time improvements by implementing a range of speed optimisation features within the website and hosting environment
  • Links corrected or added to applicable home page imagery, brand logos and slideshows
  • Home page download size reduced from ~10Mbytes to ~1Mbyte to address long page load time issues – this involved saving images in improved formats and quality levels, whilst also naming them better for SEO purposes
  • Actionable links made out of phone and email text
  • Page layout amendments to remove un-required design features from areas such as Brand pages
  • General copy, grammar and sales process corrections
  • Corrections to SEO URLs for products, brands and other applicable pages within the website
  • Move the Google Ads account to a dedicated Weldtech only account, to ensure long term access to the account whoever is managing the campaigns

Once the takeover phase was complete, work started on the first 3-month phase, heavily focused on getting the new Google Ad campaigns to their previous levels.Towards the end of month 3, we were able to set up Smart Shopping, which has seen significant improvements to online sales compared to before this was enabled.

Ongoing SEO improvements continue to cover both product, category and brand page copy, alterations to product images for search purposes, and further monitoring and tweaks to the Google Ads configuration.A core range of products and categories are now seeing organic page 1 results in search, where before they were almost invisible.

Addition of full conversion tracking for the Google Ads has allowed us to clarify the performance of the ads budget, and compare this with organic search-based sales.

Significant improvements have been made to organic search rankings and traffic, where both website content changes and technical fixes have brought strong benefits to the client.

Fixing a range of hidden technical issues (discovered by our Google-linked monitoring software) and enabling an automatically updating sitemap.xml file brought further search ranking and visitor traffic improvements.

Each subsequent 3-month phase continues to match website improvements to business goals, with current work focusing on a new website design to cater better for further improved page load times, mobile and tablet usability, whilst making sure the website is structured and laid out so visitors can find and navigate the website as easily as possible.

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Thursday, 26 May 2022

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