York Place Dental


​Client: York Place Dental, Carlisle

Work: SEO, Web Design, Online Marketing Support

Website: www.yorkplacedental.com

As a well established dental practice, York Place wanted to bring their website and online presence up to date, reconciling a breadth of existing website content into a new and more customer focused layout.

The required structure was identified through in-depth keyword research combined with the services offered by the practice, creating a clear sitemap and menu layout allowing for easy navigation by visitors.

Each main service section had a dedicated landing page designed, creating a clear user navigation flow into the sub-pages of the website where the information was presented in-keeping with the York Place Dental branding and practice aesthetics.

A selection of subtle but obvious call to action points were added within each area of the website, ensuring that visitors find it easy to get in touch.

With the new website online, training was provided to relevant staff within the practice, enabling them to make quick and easy changes to the page content and create new blog posts through the integrated solution provided.

Regular communication with the practice is focused on not just maintaining, but growing their search engine presence, whilst being aware of new competitors in the area that bring a national chain and their budget to bear on search results, and the impact that has on how York Place Dental need to present their own content and information to keep themselves ahead of the game.

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