Ongoing motion...

As with a Newton's Cradle, online momentum isn't permanent. With ever changing search engine algorithms, device developments and customer behaviours, it's important that we regularly review and manage both your website and off-site presence to keep your business in the forefront, working with you as appropriate.

A large part of our work is done once the website is live and your online presence base is optimised, and includes regular feedback to yourselves about the work we are doing and the results it is generating.

How long is a piece of string...

As a minimum, we will be providing ongoing marketing, advertising, SEO and PR work and support for at least 12 months from the day the website goes live.

Depending on the nature of your business and competition, the timescale for getting your required results can vary radically, so our review process tracks the progress and compares it to our initial estimations, to keep everyone up to date.

Does your business need kicked into life online?

If our process, ethos and values match your own, get in touch today so we can get Newton's Cradle working for your business.