Setting the scene...

Understanding your business and where it currently stands online is where we start.  Knowing this base information is critical to analysing exactly who your potential clients are, what they are actually searching for, and how your company stands in respect to your marketplace and competitors.

Using our specialist range of tools and software, we will identify the core clients your business is aimed at, and combine this data with your marketing plan, and where applicable, your brand guidelines, ethos and values.

We then provide an accurate report on the current visibility of your business online and in relation to your competitors.  This informs where we can lift you above true competitors, clarifying the information needed within your website content, its technical aspects alongside how and where your brand needs to be seen in other online locations such as social media and advertising.

What's involved...

Our initial research stage provides the base information required to kick your brand into life online in the most effective way possible.

This process covers:

  • A detailed review of your competitors to assess how we make your website a better destination for customers and clients based on your regional and national requirements.
  • Social media analysis of your own business profile and that of your competition.
  • Use of your Google Analytics, AdWords and Search Console data, if available, to gain an overview of your current website traffic and visitor data.

All becomes clear...

We're now in a position to advise on the work, timescale and pricing required to raise your online brand and business profile, through creation of a new visitor focused website and appropriate updates & additions to your overall online presence.

This will include an online marketing plan, identifying the platforms and methods that are best suited to your business and customers, and how these will be used to generate website visitors, sales and enquiries.

Our clear presentation of what we are proposing makes sure you understand not only what we will do for your business, but also what we have done in order to decide on the best approach.