Building blocks...

Creating website content that attracts the right customers requires optimising not only the page text, but other often missed or hidden aspects such as best practice naming of images, image quality settings and using the most suitable meta data for search engines to get a true picture of your business and the services or products offered.

In-depth analysis of the search terms and phrases that are being used by people looking for businesses like your own is performed, using tools and software linked directly into the search engines themselves.

This research allows us to create the ideal website structure to target your ideal visitors, whilst providing the best presentation of company information, services and products.  We now know the scale and size of the website, allowing us to accurately price this aspect of the work.

The user journey...

Understanding and guiding how visitors navigate a website is a crucial factor in making sure they can quickly and easily find what they are looking for, whilst being suitable encouraged to take action to get in touch or purchase a product online.

By taking a visitor focused and mobile-first design approach, we will agree on the right call-to-action prompts, the overall look and feel of the website aesthetics, based on your brand guidelines and company values.

To present a consistent brand image to your customers, we pull together, or create where needed, a range of social media, website and citation imagery to use in the website build process, and where your off-site online presence will be improved and updated.

Signing off...

With the proposed website structure, size and ongoing management identified, we're now able to present a full project cost with a clear description of the marketing, citation and online presence listings we will create to meet your desired goals.

The timeframe surrounding initial and ongoing work will be detailed, allowing the project to be signed off and kicked into action.